2020 Brand Face Search Competition’Human Love’

Start a contest to find a great face, become a brand ambassador and get a lot of support from those who care about it. The competition found an impressive candidate, and with its success, Ben Tre opened a charity fund to support the construction of the temple and support the people of central Vietnam.

Taoki Beauty is recruiting ambassadors for famous brands at home and abroad as a criterion for selecting completely new candidates with the right beauty in a massive competition.

Taoki Beauty, who successfully held the Vietnam Beauty Industry Competition through a beauty contest based on Taoki Beauty’s experience and reputation, was asked to host a large-scale beauty contest in search of a face to represent. brand. By understanding current market trends, every brand understands the importance of brand speed as it connects products and people.

It can be said that this contest is not to praise external beauty, but to praise the value of human love. Tran Cong, representative of the Alpha Association’s Vietnam Charity Fund, who linked the “Padma Marici” painting to the charity auction, attended and ended a beautiful and warm ending with a donation from Mr. Hien, who supported the value of 180 at the event. Auction. Million VND.

These events and charities will become the “buoy” of the lives of all people affected by natural disasters.
In addition to honoring individuals in the beauty industry, this program is also a venue that provides value for human love. We want you to be passionate about what it means to join us and become a complete event. It will be an honor to us.

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